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Fundamental for the success of the program is the students' living with local host families. We devote great time and care to the selection of host families as well as the process of matching families and students. Some of our host families have been with the program for many years, which is the result of the positive evaluations students give their hosts. Thanks to the caring and loving hospitality they have been able to offer to our students they have gained our trust and esteem. New families often recommended by people with knowledge of and an ongoing relationship with the program. These candidates are then screened and interviewed by the director. Open mindedness, reliability, pleasant personality and capability to offer a home away from home, are among the qualities we prioritize in our selection. The director coaches and monitors families very closely during their few years hosting students. The matching of the students with the families is finally the result of analysis of the housing questionnaire that the students complete with their application to the program. That enables us to combine the students' needs and specific requirements with the families' characteristics.