Why should a student participate in the program?

The Emerging Student Leaders Program helps students develop a strong sense of self, brings you closer to other students with similar attributes and goals and builds on your leadership ability, so you may become active and engaged citizens of BSC and the surrounding community. 

Employers are looking for someone with good grades but they are also looking for someone that has achieved something outside of the classroom.  The Emerging Student Leaders Program will provide you with a great amount of personal and professional development, networking opportunities along with skills needed to be successful as a college student and future professional.  Not to mention it looks great on a resume!

Also as an Emerging Student Leader you will have the opportunity to make connections with other students, faculty, staff, and local community leaders. 
So become one of the few, one of the elite, become an Emerging Student Leader.

Student Testimonials

“The Emerging Student Leaders Program proved very beneficial to both my life and college career because I learned leadership skills and trademarks that I couldn’t learn anywhere else. With that, I applied my experiences to anything and everything I do, which has opened the door to other possibilities. The networks, relationships and opportunities are amazing!    - Ricza Lopez

“ The Emerging Student Leaders Program was a wonderful program. It not only helped me to futher develop the leader that I am, but it helped me to make long lasting friendships.  -Tamika Lewis

“ The Emerging Leaders Program has been one of the most effective and important programs that I have ever accomplished here at Buffalo State. I loved every moment I spent in the program, and learned many essential things about being an effective student leader. It made me comfortable with public speaking and it taught me the value of networking.   -Cassie Dann