• Keep all doors and windows locked.
• Keep the porch light on during the evening hours.
• Get to know your neighbors and always be alert to suspicious solicitors.
• Call the Police if you see any stranger in the neighborhood.
• Use your door peephole, and if you don’t have one, insist that the landlord install one immediately.
• Never open the door to strangers or solicitors, talk through the door until you are certain the person is legitimate.
• Home invaders often use a ruse or impersonation like a delivery, or lie about hitting a parked car, or pose as a public employee, to get someone to open the door.
• Consider a second line or a cell phone in your bedroom. Home invaders often remove a telephone receiver when they enter a home.
• Ensure your property is marked or engraved with your driver’s license number so that police can trace it to you in the event of a theft.
• When in doubt about any suspicious person or activity in your neighborhood or apartment, call the Police.