Greetings to my fellow Greek community members!

My name is Julian Cepeda. I am a brother of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Incorporated and your Inter Greek Association President for the 2012-2013 academic year. It is my pleasure to introduce our new and improved Buffalo State Greek Life website to all students, faculty, and Greek councils.

As your president, I have many goals that I’ve set out to achieve this year; not only as member of a Greek organization, but also as a Buffalo State student. I want the Greek community to engage, advocate, regulate, promote cooperation, and further the interests and welfare of Fraternity/Sorority life as well as to promote the ideas of brotherhood and sisterhood in the workings of each individual organization.

With the help of my fantastic executive board, I feel that we shall achieve every goal that we set out for through unity, cooperation, and organization. I expect that every Greek organization will demonstrate active leadership within our communities, whether that is on campus or off campus. We shall promote leadership through our academic excellence, cultural awareness, activities on campus, involvement with student organizations, and through the brotherhood/sisterhood we share with one another. With that being said, I wish every Greek council and student of Buffalo State  a successful and prosperous semester.

Yours Truly, Julian Cepeda

Inter-Greek Association, President                                                                                                                                 


Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc.