Leadership for Diversity Initiative

In 2007 the Provost’s Office funded a campus-wide Leadership for Diversity Initiative. A union of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, led by Gail Wells, Director of Student Life, and Kevin Railey, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, this initiative re-invigorated Buffalo State's relationship with the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)

In fall 2007, 12 faculty and staff members began to meet to develop their coalition building skills and to plan for campus outreach. In January 2008, that number grew to 21, and in January 2009, after a second train-the-trainer workshop, the latest team was formed --  Buffalo State Coalition Building Team.

The Coalition Building Team (CBT) is a Campus Affiliate of the National Coalition Building Institute and a standing Buffalo State group of professional staff and faculty. The team is a diverse group representing many ethnic and racial backgrounds and job titles and collectively working toward the human understanding of one another as professionals and human beings.

Members of the Coalition Building Team have undergone diversity education and training by the National Coalition Building Institute and are therefore certified to conduct "Welcoming Diversity" and "Prejudice Reduction" workshops. They also have affiliation with the International Chapter of NCBI located in Toronto, Ontario. Most of the financial support for NCBI training comes from the Provost's Office as one manifestation of the Provost’s commitment to faculty and staff development.

For information contact Gail Wells or Kevin Railey.