Hello and Welcome Commuter Students!

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Melisa Williams and I am the Assistant Director for Student Life, Commuter and Minority Student Services.   I am very excited to be working on services for you, the commuter student.   Commuter students are approximately 78 percent of Buffalo State's total enrollment.  You might be asking yourself, "what is a commuter student?"  Commuter students are:

  • Local first-year students residing at home
  • Upperclassmen living in the surrounding community
  • Non-traditional students who have careers and families of their own

As a commuter student, I strongly encourage  you to participate in any of  the 80 registered student organizations including the Commuter Council or college-wide committees. Commuter students are exceedingly encouraged to run for an elected position with United Student Government.  More information on the elections will be posted early in the Spring 2006 semester. 

Please also visit the Campbell Student Union.  The Union is a place for students to gather before, in between or after classes. The Student Union offers a variety of of services and amenities used by our commuter population including but not limited to Internet kiosks, the commuter lounge located on the third floor between the fireside lounge and the assembly hall, and TVs located around the building.

If you are ever in the Union, feel free to drop by the Student Life  Office on the fourth floor.  I am always looking for suggestions, ideas and better ways to reach and support commuter students. 

See you soon!