August/September: “Community”

Community refers to the creation of an environment where we encourage students, faculty, and staff to interact in a meaningful and inclusive way.

·         Students will develop lasting relationships with other people in their community.

·         Students will be able to take steps to resolve conflicts with others

October: “Campus Connection”

Campus connection refers to publically celebrating institutional values as well as linking students with peers, faculty, staff, mentors, and resources throughout the Buffalo State community.

·         Students will foster professional relationships with members of the Buffalo State campus community.

·         Students will be able to recognize the importance of campus-wide events and programs.

·         Students will learn to use campus resources to support their own learning and individual needs.

November/December:  “Culture”

Culture refers to the respect for the complex identities of others and their backgrounds, as well as an understanding of human imagination and expression.

·         Students will be able to analyze how their own cultural identity impacts their experience in the larger Buffalo State community.

·         Students will appreciate the fine arts.

January/February: “Co-Curricular Development”

Co-Curricular Development refers to helping students delineate and articulate their learning interests and strengths in order to support their classroom experience and a commitment to life-long learning.

·         Students will be able to connect their present collegiate experience to their future professional pursuits

March: “Character and Wellness”

Character and Wellness refers to the development of a healthy and holistic balance between the mind, body, and spirit and a constant conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential.

·         Students will develop habits consistent with living a healthy life style.

·         Students will learn to engage in self-reflection.

April/May: “Civic Engagement”

Civic Engagement refers to developing a sense of social responsibility.

·         Students will be able to make reflective decisions for themselves and for the community around them.

·         Students will develop and understanding and commitment to social justice.