Keep It Safe or We Shut It Off!

In order to ensure the safety of your computer and the stability of our network, we require that you comply with a few simple requirements. Please visit Connecting to ResNet for details.

Your privacy is important to us and we will not monitor your Internet usage, but we will scan the computers on the network to ensure that all students have followed these instructions, and will immediately deny ResNet access to computers that are found to be endangering our network.

Students whose ports are shut off because of virus infections, spam, or conduct that violates the Acceptable Use Policy will be given lowest priority when being reconnected and can expect to wait up to two to three weeks for their connection to be reactivated.  Repeat offenders can expect to be deactivated for the remainder of the semester or the school year.

1. Patch and update your operating system.
Visit and follow the instructions to install all critical updates and service packs.

2. Install (and use) an anti-virus / anti-spyware software package.
We require that all students have a current anti-virus application installed and running on their computer. There are several free anti-virus / anti-spyware software available for personal use that you can use (i.e. AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials). If you prefer to purchase your own antivirus software, it can be purchased at a computer store or via the Internet.  Remember that simply purchasing the software isn’t enough – ensure that your subscription extends through the academic year.

3. Never click “Yes” unless you really mean it.
Remember that very little software is actually ‘free.’  Most programs and applications advertised as such are bundled (sometimes in very sneaky ways) with advertising or tracking software that can slow down your computer, launch pop-up ads, or send information about you and your Internet habits back to a company.  These programs can be installed and run without your knowledge – if you give them permission.

Always read the fine print!  Never install anything on your computer unless it was developed by a company you know and trust.

4. Never open an e-mail attachment or a file sent via IM.
Many viruses are distributed through e-mail, instant messenger, social networking web site and IRC, and many are altered to appear as though they are sent by a friend or by someone in your address book.  Never open an e-mail attachment unless you’re expecting it from someone you know.  This goes for files transferred across Instant Messenger systems as well!

If you have any questions about these requirements, please call ResNet at 716-878-3358.