• You must meet all financial obligations to the college and return all college property.
  • You must meet all curricular requirements. You must have completed the prescribed curriculum for your major. If requirements have changed since you were admitted to a program, you may choose to graduate under the old or new requirements.
  • You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative average for all coursework taken at the college. The cumulative average for the courses taken in the major field must also be at least 2.0. The college requires all matriculated students to demonstrate college level skills in English composition and basic mathematics. You should refer to the college catalog under which you entered.
  • You must have taken 42 to 66 credits in the general education area.
  • All candidates must have completed a minimum of 33 credits of upper-division coursework courses generally considered advanced and numbered 300-499 (Foreign Language 201, 202, and 210 courses are also considered upper division)
  • A minimum of 32 credits including the last 16 must be completed at the college.
  • Foreign language requirements, where appropriate, must be fulfilled.
  • A minimum of 120 academic credits must be completed
  • Two "writing intensive" courses with the designation "W" following the course number are required.
  • Three Credits of Diversity.
  • Three credits of Global Issues are required for GEC students.  You should refer to the college catalog under which you entered.
  • Elementary Education majors must fulfill a drug education requirement and should file a certification application with the Teacher Certification Office, Caudell Hall 110.
  • You will not be cleared for graduation until all symbols of "I", "N", or "X" have been replaced with an appropriate grade.

Top 10 Reasons Students do not Graduate
(Based on graduation applications during the 2013-2014 academic year)