Waitlisting is a feature in Banner that allows you to get "in line" for courses that have filled or closed. This automated process notifies you via your Buffalo State Gmail, when a spot has opened up and it is now your turn to register for the class.

How Do You Know If A Course Has A Waitlist Option?

  • Log into self-service (SSB) Banner and select Search for Classes.
  • If you see numbers below the column listed as WL Cap (Waitlist Capacity), WL Act (Waitlist Acutal), and WL Rem (Waitlist Remaining), this means there is a Waitlist on the section. Instructors have the option of using a Waitlist, but are not required to.

Example:  CRN#### shows:

  • WL Cap = 5 - This means there is a maximum of 5 seats available for waitlisting.
  • WL Act = 2 - This means there are two students currently on the waitlist for this section.
  • WL Rem = 3 - This means there are 3 seats still available for waitlisting.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you put yourself on a waitlist, you must check your Buffalo State Gmail every day or you might lose your spot! Consider forwarding your Gmail to your phone.

Additional Information (PDF's) are available online:

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