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Banner Student Registration Guide (PDF)-Updated 7/25/13


Understanding Information As It Appears on the Master Schedule in Banner - Quick Reference (PDF)

  • Advising Codes
  • Building Codes & 3-D Campus Map
  • Days of the Week
  • Instructional Methods
  • Restrictions and Reservations placed on courses

Registration Add Error Messages

View the January Term/Spring 2015 Web Registration Schedule (PDF)

Go to Deadline Calendars page for more information on important semester deadlines.

For January Term/Spring 2015 Registration:  Please note that for continuing undergraduate-level freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, your registration start date is based on earned credit hours only. Do not count "in progress" credit hours you are taking in Fall 2014. Class is determined by total number of earned credit hours (Buffalo State + transfer); Seniors (90+ hours), Juniors (60-89 hours), Sophomores (30-59 hours), and Freshman (0-29 hours).

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Registration Tip
A best practice is to always print a copy of your class schedule each time you change your registration in Banner. Without a printed copy, you may miss an error.

It is recommended that you always print the most updated version of your schedule after you complete any add/drop activity.

1.  Choose Registration.

2. Click on the View Required Books and Course Materials link.

3. Click SUBMIT button on the Printer-friendly version of the class schedule prompt.

4. Keep a printed copy as proof of registration.

January Term/Spring 2015 Registration Flyer including Tips for Successful Registration (PDF)

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