Registration Start Date

Registration dates for January Term/Spring 2015 start on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 and are then continuous.

When can I register? View the January Term/Spring 2015 Web Registration Schedule

January Term/Spring 2015 Registration Flyer including Tips for Successful Registration (PDF)

Banner Student Registration Guide (PDF)-Updated 7/25/13

For January Term/Spring 2015 Registration:  Please note that for continuing undergraduate-level freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, your registration start date is based on earned credit hours only. Do not count "in progress" credit hours you are taking in Spring 2014. Class is determined by total number of earned credit hours (Buffalo State + transfer); Seniors (90+ hours), Juniors (60-89 hours), Sophomores (30-59 hours), and Freshman (0-29 hours).

On a given day, only those student eligible to begin registering that day or earlier will be able to register.  In Banner, click on the Registration Status screen to view your timeticket assignment.

When Do I Register?

Hours of registration for all terms will start at 6:00am on your given start date and are then continuous.

TIME CONFLICTS in Banner-Please be aware that Banner WILL stop all overlapping registration. If you have a valid reason to obtain a TIME override, please contact the instructor of the course you are attempting to register for but are receiving a TIME conflict registration add error for.