People of the Rainbow:
A Nomadic Utopia (2nd Edition)

Online Appendix

Author: Michael I. Niman, Ph.D. 
Buffalo State College Communication Department

This research database is comprised of raw data pertaining to the Rainbow Family of Living Light, archived by Michael I. Niman and maintained as a public service of Buffalo State College (State University of New York).  This database primarily contains US Government documents pertaining to the Rainbow Family, released in compliance with the US Freedom of Information Act.  This online resource serves to make these documents more accessible to academic researchers, journalists and the general public. The particular focus of this database is the Rainbow Family's relationship with US Government Agencies, and hence, is a resource to anyone studying government organization, culture and function. For more information about the Rainbow Family, please visit the links available at the People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia (2nd edition)  Information Site.

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