Graduate Student Association

Funding Support from the GSA

According to Article III, Section 2 of the approved Graduate Student Association Constitution, the GSA may fund graduate students' research and scholarship, participation in professional organizations, travel for professional purposes and conferences, and the creation and presentation of professional posters and documents related to research and scholarship.  All qualified applicants will be subject to approval by the GSA executive board.

Any student who seeks funding from the GSA must complete the Request for Funds Packet and submit it and all required documentation outline on the sheet to the Graduate School office (Cleveland Hall 204).  Requests involving travel must be made at least six weeks prior to the trip.  Non-travel related expenses must be made within two weeks of the needed purchase. 

The Graduate School will forward the application to the Treasurer of the GSA.

Approved funding requests may not be for the full amount requested.  All approved funding requests will be for the reimbursement of expenses endured by the student and must adhere to the guidelines of the GSA Constitution.

Students may also apply for funding through their academic department, dean, and the Graduate School.  Click here for more information.