Graduate Student Association


The objectives of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) include:

  • advocate the position of the graduate student body to Buffalo State and external constituencies;
  • represent the broad interests of the graduate student body to Buffalo State's academic units through a network of departmental delegates;
  • furnish accessible, reliable, and valuable information, services, and programs to current and prospective graduate students;
  • provide a forum for interaction among an extraordinarily diverse graduate student population;
  • encourage and facilitate communication with and interaction among other graduate student organizations;
  • seek funding to support organizational and professional development activities;
  • promote a sense of community among undergraduate students, fellow graduate students and their families;
  • establish an influential network to aid in the professional development of students and alumni;
  • partner with corporations to increase awareness of Buffalo State graduates and promote GSA activities that are consistent with the GSA mission;
  • identification and recruitment of professional academic certifications and programs.