Forms and Policies

Academic Awards

Outstanding Master's Thesis/Project Award

The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding student research and applied scholarship. Up to three thesis awards and three project awards are made. Applications will be accepted for students who have graduated (or will graduate) in December 2009, May 2010, August 2010, or December 2010. Nominations may be made by students' thesis or project advisers, or students may self-nominate. Additional reviews are required from the department chair and one external evaluator.

2011 President's Medal for Outstanding Graduate Student and SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence

The President's Medal for Outstanding Graduate Student is the highest honor awarded to a graduate student by Buffalo State College. Based on academic performance, scholarly and creative activities, and community service and leadership, this award is bestowed at our May Commencement.

The SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence is the highest honor bestowed by SUNY upon a graduate student. This award recognizes those who have integrated academic excellence with achievement in areas such as athletics, community service, creative and performing arts, entrepreneurship, leadership, and career achievement. Award recipients will be honored at a spring ceremony in Albany, as well as at Commencement.

Selection criteria are the same for each award. A student may be nominated for either or both awards.

  1. Academic performance—demonstrated by grade point average, academic honors, standardized test scores, or letters of recommendation.
  2. Scholarly and creative activities—demonstrated by graduate thesis or project, scholarly publications, performances, exhibits, or grantsmanship.
  3. Community/College service and leadership—demonstrated by activities related to the student's academic discipline, service or leadership in professional organizations, or community-outreach activities related to the field of study. Documented local, state, national, or international recognition for excellence, e.g., recipient of major national scholarship/athletic awards and/or recognition by national and international associations and honor societies.

Students must be nominated by a graduate faculty member.