To receive TAP/APTS, students must be in good academic standing. Good academic standing, in regard to state aid, is concerned with two components: pursuit of program and satisfactory academic progress. Pursuit of program tracks withdrawal from courses that result in a student being enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours in a semester. Satisfactory academic progress looks at both a student's cumulative GPA and the accumulation of credit hours toward a degree. A student's academic standing is then measured on the TAP Academic Eligibility Chart for Undergraduates (PDF).

It should be noted that when using the chart, only semesters that a student receives a TAP/APTS payment are considered. Students who first receive TAP grants at the start of their junior year would be required to meet the standards represented by the first column. Students are limited to receiving eight semesters of TAP grants, except EOP students, who can receive 10 semesters of TAP. All students must be accepted into a major prior to completing 57 credit hours to continue to be eligible for TAP/APTS.

Students who fail to maintain good academic standing become ineligible for TAP/APTS until they achieve the appropriate standards without the assistance of state funding. In exceptional situations, students who become ineligible may be granted a one-time waiver of their ineligibility. All waiver requests should be submitted to the Academic Standards Office in Twin Rise 100.