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Open FWS Job Listings for SUMMER 2014

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NOTICE: Students MUST complete a Summer 2014 Federal Work Study Application


Open FWS Job Listings for 2014-15 Academic Year

Will become available just prior to the Fall 2014 semester


What is Work-Study?   top

Work-study is a part-time job.  Payment of work-study funds comes in the form of a paycheck, but only if a student secures a designated work-study position and works the hours.  Effective Spring 2014, the rate of pay for all work-study students will increase to $8.00.   On average, students are eligible to work up to 11.5 - 12 hours per week.  Work study is available during the fall and spring semesters only; it is not available during J-Term or Summer.


Federal Eligibility Requirements   top

  • Must have a valid FAFSA on file
  • Must have financial need, as demonstrated by the FAFSA
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen
  • Accepted as a regular student working toward a degree or eligible certificate program (bachelor's or master's level)
  • Attending at least half-time (6 credit hours)
  • Maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree
  • Cannot be in default on any other federal loans
  • Cannot owe a refund on a federal student grant or loan

How Work-Study is Awarded at Buffalo State top

  • Work-study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore, filing the FAFSA before the priority deadline of March 1st each year is imperative.
  • Students must select on the FAFSA that they want to be considered for work-study
  • Students must have sufficient financial need after all other grants, scholarships, and Direct Subsidized loans have been offered to them.  Students living on-campus will also be offered a Direct Unsubsidized Loan before work-study is offered to them.
  • Students caught falsifying work-study time sheets will be forever banned from the work-study program, even if they meet all other eligibility requirements.

Accepting Work-Study    top

  • Students must accept work-study using Banner.  Typically, there is a deadline to accept work-study (typically in July).  For assistance accepting aid in Banner, click here.
  • Students who have accepted work-study will receive a letter in the U.S. mail in early August describing the work-study job search process.

Finding a Work-Study Position   top

  • Only students that have received a FWS Eligibility Letter are permitted to search for a work-study position.  Students that have misplaced this letter may obtain a new one at the Financial Aid Office.
  • Approximately one week prior to the first day of class in the fall and spring semesters, the work-study listing database will be activated on the website.  Once the database is available, students should select openings they are interested in and then reach out to the listed contact person for each position to schedule an interview.
  • Once a student secures a job it is important that they complete the required employment paperwork (below), submit time cards per the payroll schedule and succeed in performing the job requirements to the supervisor's satisfaction.  The FWS Handbook is an excellent resource learn more about the entire work-study process.


What if I can't find a work-study job? 
I need a part-time job but I wasn't awarded work-study!  top 

  • Unfortunately, due to limited funding, not all students that are awarded work-study will find a position.  Further, all students that requested work-study will not be awarded it. 
  • The Career Development Center (CDC) is available to assist you find a part-time position not funded through work-study. 
  • See also the Other Part Time Jobs page.

Starting Work and Required Paperwork  top

Once a supervisor offers you a position they will give you an appointment form which you must submit to the Financial Aid Office.  If you did not work on campus in the previous academic year you will also need to print out and complete the forms listed below.   You cannot begin working until all the required paperwork has been submitted to the Financial Aid Office. 

All work-study students must submit:

New work-study students must also submit the following documents:

The I-9 requires that you show proof of eligibility to work in the US.  This is done most often by showing a social security card, birth certificate or passport.  Photocopies are not acceptable.  The original document must be shown prior to beginning work.  For further details on what documents can meet this requirement review the last page of the I-9 form (above), columns A and C.  Section 1 must be completed by the student.  Section 2 must be completed by the supervisor.

All work-study students should have the Conditions of Student Employment form on file in the department in which they are employed.

Work Study Resources  top