Eligibility Holds

When students submit the FAFSA the federal government checks various federal databases to confirm that students are meeting all aid eligibility requirements.  These searches are confirming that the student:

  • is a citizen/eligible non-citizen
  • that the name and date of birth match the social security number
  • that they're registered with selective service
  • that they do not have a drug conviction
  • that they don't owe any aid overpayments
  • that they have not exceeded aggregate loan limits
  • that they are a veteran
  • that they are not in default on a student loan
  • that a student loan is not tied up in bankruptcy proceedings
  • that someone else's aid history hasn't been attached to their social security number
  • that loans have not been discharged due to a disability.

Discrepancies must be resolved before a student can be awarded aid.