Buffalo State is concerned that all catering services provided on campus are carried out in a safe and healthy manner.  Only caterers who have submitted the necessary requisite insurance and health department certifications to the Events Management Office may be utilized for campus events, meetings or functions.  Other caterers may be used after they submit the requisite insurance and health department certifications to Events Management.

When choosing and planning for food services at your event, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Payment for any food service must be approved before any arrangements are made.
  2. No kitchen facilities are available on campus.  All food must be prepared off site. 
  3. When using drop-off catering, be sure to ask if all the supplies with be included in the quoted price, such as: linens, paper products, flatware, dishes, etc. 
  4. Clean up after food has been served is the responsibility of the event organizers.
  5. All areas must be cleaned before your departure and ready for use by the next group or organization.  Additional fees will be incurred for clean up if necessary.