Student groups participate in and organize many events throughout the year.  These events may range from general group information sessions to concerts.  A few key questions to ask when planning and brainstorming about events are the four W’s: 

  • Who will be included in the event?
  • What will be needed for the event?
  • Where will the event be held?
  • When will the event take place?

Additional events planning items to consider:

  • Do you want the event to be educational, social, or a combination?
  • Do you want the event to be open to the public or for group members only?
  • Have you provided for diversity of interest/points of view?
  • Will you be bringing in a guest speaker?  Does the speaker need overnight accommodations?

Once you have given some thought to the event, it is a good time to bring in the Events Management staff.  The staff’s expertise about campus facilities, venues, equipment, and other scheduled campus activities and events is invaluable information available to you.

It is important you do not publicize, advertise, make arrangements for a band, food, guest speakers, etc., until you have made contact with the Events Management Office and a reservation has been made and confirmed.