Windows 7 Upgrade Information

This page contains information about the campus migration from Windows XP/Office 2007 to Windows 7/Office 2010, which began just before the Spring 2011 semester. All campus PCs - faculty/staff computers, as well as student lab computers - will be upgraded to the new version. Our goal is to have all campus PCs upgraded in time for the Fall 2011 semester. If you can't find the answers to your questions here, check out our Windows 7 FAQ page.

General Information

Windows 7 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It will replace Windows XP, which is the current version of Windows installed on campus computers. Additionally, the Office 2010 suite will replace Office 2007. Windows 7 is available in six editions; the edition that will be installed on campus is the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise.

New Features

Windows 7 is quite a bit different than its predecessors. To learn about some of the interface changes and new features, visit these Microsoft sites: 

Deployment Schedule

Computing Services started the first round of Windows 7 upgrades during the winter break. Another group of departments will be scheduled during the Spring 2011 semester, with the goal of having all campus PCs upgraded in time for the Fall 2011 semester. If your department is interested in moving to Windows 7 sooner rather than later, please have your chair/director contact the Windows 7 project team at We'll do our best to accomodate your needs and fit you into our schedule. Computing Services will notify departments directly once specific deployment dates are detemined.

Software Compatibility

The current versions of most applications will run on Windows 7. If you are running an older application and are concerned about compatibility, you can check Microsoft's Windows 7 Compatibility Center. Computing Services has also compiled a list of campus applications, and is currently researching whether or not they are compatible. This list is available to view on our Windows 7 Project Site. If you don’t see your program listed, please report the name of the application to the Computing Help Desk (878-4357), so we can have someone from Computing Services explore a solution for you.

Stakeholder Meeting

The Windows 7 project team met with lab coordinators, and other campus stakeholders, on November 9th. The primary goals of the meeting were to: (A) introduce the team working on the Windows 7 migration, (B) update campus stakeholders, on the plan to migrate the campus from Windows XP/Office 2007 to Windows 7/Office 2010, (C) start an open dialogue between the Windows 7 planning team and campus stakeholders, to develop a cooperative plan to meet the diverse needs of the campus community, and (D) begin determining when departments would be ready to make the transition - Spring 2011 versus Summer 2011. We invite everyone to read through the meeting minutes

Important Information for Ingeniux Users

Ingeniux, the college’s Web template system, is not compatible with Windows 7. As a result, Computing Services will be providing Windows 7 users who edit campus Web pages with a Remote Desktop Connection that connects them to a server running Ingeniux-friendly versions of Windows and IE. The Windows 7 project team will work directly with Ingeniux users in each department to make sure that they can access their template site and edit Web pages as they have in the past.

Windows 7 Feedback

Your feedback is essential to the planning and deployment process. Please send any comments or questions you have concerning the Windows 7 upgrade to: