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Important: Before publishing a survey, please make sure your research is in compliance with the Institutional Research policy. To check whether your project needs to be reviewed click here

Opinio is a professional survey application that allows you to

  • create professional surveys and polls
  • invite respondents to participate
  • analyze collected data
  • export data for in-depth analysis

With Opinio you can create surveys, polls, RFIs, and any other forms directly in your web browser. You can personalize surveys by using advanced features like piping and branch conditions.

Opinio includes a powerful reporting module with advanced features like

  • customizable report layout - include relevant questions, select prefered chart types
  • multiple report types - select between PDF and HTML report
  • cross tabulations - comparison of two questions
  • filters on response data
  • drilldown functionality
  • auto report generation
  • raw data export support

Opinio is platform independent. It runs on Windows (all versions), Linux, Solaris and Mac OS.

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