Before contacting telecommunications about a telephone repair, please go through the following procedure.

If you are having problems with your phone line, disconnect your phone from the wall and plug a different phone in. If the phone line works properly with the second phone, then the problem is in the phone equipment, not the phone line. You may also want to check your phone cords to make sure that they are connected properly.

  • If the problem persists with the second phone, please call Telecommunications Services x3333 to request a repair.  We will then contact Verizon to come out and repair your phone line. However, if the problem is in the phone or phone cords and not in the phone line, Verizon will charge you for the service request.
  • If you are confident that the problem is in the phone, please feel free to contact telecommunications. We will be happy to assist you in replacing your phone cord, handset, or entire telephone. Please note that you will be charged for any new telephone that you request.