On this page, you’ll find all the educational materials developed to date for the Buffalo State Cares Initiative. You can save or print any of the brochures and handouts for your own use.   You can also access web-based trainings, including an overview of the grant initiative, our program for parents and family members, and a short program for faculty.  To access the Buffalo State Cares Online Family Training click here.

The online student training is currently available by prior registration only to all incoming first year and transfer students 18 years or older.  For more information about any of our educational programs, contact the The Counseling Center at 716-878-4436.  See brochures, PSA videos, and handouts below:

About Buffalo State Cares

Facts About Suicide

Symptoms of Depression in College Students 

Warning Signs for Suicide 

PSA Video 2

PSA Video 4

PSA Video 8

PSA Video 12

PSA Video : I am an Upstander

There is Always Hope Video: A Documentary

About QPR

Buffalo State Care Resources

LGBTQ Students: Suicide Risk and Resilience

Native American Students: Suicide Risk and Resilience

Coping with Stress for Student Parents

Support and Services for Military Members and Veterans 

Accessing Suicide Prevention Training for Faculty

  • Many of our students are facing economic, academic and social pressures.  These conditions often compromise students’ academic achievement affecting their ability to stay in school.  If you would like to learn how to identify students who may be at risk of suicide and what you can do about it, click on the following link to take this interactive training online training program takes approximately about an hour.  The Counseling Center has 100 licenses. All faculty and staff: Please contact Dr. McCool for a free license number code to register for this training.