The Counseling Center

                                       Mental Health Awareness Week Schedule

                                                          Promoting a Civil and Caring Community

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April 2, 2012

12:15-1:30 PM

Drum Circle Experience      

Campbell Student Union Quad

A free form drumming and dancing experience will kick off the week.  


2:00-3:30 PM

Relax and Dream the Future



Dr. Jo Yudess will take you on an amazing journey to relaxation under the stars.


3:00-4:00 PM

Sleep Yourself Smarter

Classroom B 106


Academic success is sometimes just a good night sleep away. This workshop focuses on ways to improve your ability to achieve quality sleep.


6:30-8:00 PM

QPR Suicide Prevention Program

Bacon Hall 215

Question, Persuade and Refer - We have all had moments of wondering if we should ask someone who we are concerned about if they are thinking of suicide. Free training on how to ask this difficult question.   

April 3, 2012


Laughter Yoga

Bacon 217

Laughter Yoga is a complete wellbeing workout that combines Unconditional Laughter with Yogic Breathing. Anyone can Laugh for No Reason, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group; with eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into real and contagious laughter.

12:00-!:00 PM

Relationship Workshop

Classroom B106

Our relationships with others have big impact on our mental health. Enjoy this two part series on doing our part for healthy relationships.

3:00-5:30 PM

America Obsessed with Beauty

Houston Gym / Bengal Lounge

Filmmaker Darryl Roberts goes on a two year journey to examine America’s new obsession; physical perfection. The increasingly unattainable images contribute greatly to the rise in low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders for young women and girls. A discussion will follow the presentation.

April 4, 2012

12:00-1:45 PM

Open Skate Party


Free event ($2 skate rentals free to first 25 students). Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and skate to the music. USG sponsored event

12:00-2:00 PM

Buffalo State Celebrates Diversity: Making our Campus Safe, Welcoming, & Inclusive for LGBT and Questioning Students and Allies

Bacon Hall 117

This program will focus on creating a campus-wide network of allies and discuss strategies to support LGBT-identified and questioning students

2:00-3:00 PM

Stress Management

Classroom B 108

Workshop focused on managing stress. Stress is common experience in college and in moderation can even be beneficial. There are healthy ways for managing stress in the moment and preventatively, join conversation.

7:00 PM

Take Back the Night

Rockwell Hall

A night of empowerment and support for victims of sexual assault. Take Back the Night’ rallies give a voice to survivors of sexual assault and to create a comfortable environment for both men and women to discuss attitudes, beliefs and prevention techniques. Click here to see video of last year event.

April 5, 2012

12:00-2:00 PM

Therapy Dogs

Campbell Student Union Quad

There's nothing like a friendly dog to make you forget for a moment the stresses of the day. In fact, studies show that human-pet interaction actually lowers heart rate and blood pressure. In-between classes? Come check them out for yourself.

12:00-1:00 PM

Relationship Workshop

Classroom B 106

Relationship and interpersonal success Part 2

3:00-5:00 PM

Keynote Speaker:Margaret Bertram

Bulger South 2

 Maggie's perfectionism and anxiety struggles began in high school and continued through college where she struggled with shame associated with discovering her lesbian identity, major depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and anorexia nervosa. Since her recovery, Maggie has navigated a path toward a more positive, integrated, and balanced life.  Click here to for more information about Margaret Bertram.    

April 6, 2012

12:00-2:00 PM

QPR Suicide Prevention Program

Butler 210

Question, Persuade and Refer. We have all had moments of wondering if we should ask someone who we are concerned about if they are thinking of suicide. Free training on how to ask this difficult question.