If you are concerned about any student who may be experiencing stress or emotional problems, The Counseling Center can help. We have provided a number of informational links designed to help you with the process of assisting a person in need. Please see tips on recognizing troubled students and what you can do.   If you feel that the student would benefit from a referral for counseling, it is usually best to express your concern and recommendation directly to the student. It is also generally better to suggest counseling to a student and allow the student to make his or her own decision. But, if a student needs help immediately, offer to call The Counseling Center with the student present. If you are very concerned, you may wish to walk the student over to our offices in the 2nd. floor of the Weigel Health Center.

If you call The Counseling Center on behalf of a student, identify yourself and explain to the receptionist that you are assisting a student in making an appointment; then allow the student to speak to the receptionist to arrange an appointment time. Client confidentiality prohibits us from providing you with information about a student whom you have referred to us, but it is almost always appropriate for you to check back with the student to ascertain whether he or she has followed through on your recommendation. This communicates your continued interest and concern.

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