VIII. Student Conduct

VIII:01:00 Judicial System

VIII:02:00 Code of Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities

VIII:02:01 Code of Student Rights

VIII:03:00 Student Conduct and the Civil Process

VIII:04:00 Academic Misconduct

VIII:05:00 Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order

VIII:06:00 Disruptive Students

VIII:07:00 Students Called to Active Duty

VIII:08:00 Alcoholic Beverages Policy

VIII:09:00 Waiver of Residency Requirement for Students in the Visiting Student Program

VIII:10:00 Specific Policies Regarding Graduate Issues
                  Graduate Student Representation on the College Senate
                  Membership of the Chair of the Graduate Advisory Council
                  on the Senate Agenda Committee
                  Graduate Faculty Representation on Senate Standing Committees

VIII:11:00 Other Policies Relating to Student Conduct
                  Other policies relating to students and student conduct can be found in the
                  Buffalo State College Student Handbook & Calendar. The Student Handbook
                  & Calendar is published by the Academic and Student Affairs Office. The
                  handbook contains the policies related to student life; college calendar information; etc.