I. Academic Policies and Procedures

I:01:00 Admissions Policies

I:01:01 Early Admission

I:01:02 Dual Admission Programs

I:01:03 Dual Baccalaureate Degrees

I:01:04 Advanced Placement Examinations

I:01:05 Transfer Students

I:02:00 Financial Aid

I:03:00 Teacher Certification

I:04:00 Collegewide Degree Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees

I:04:01 Alternate Methods of Earning College Credit

I:05:00 Advisement Policy

I:06:00 Declaring an Academic Major

I:06:01 Second Major, Single Degree

I:06:02 Change of Major

I:07:00 Leave of Absence, Medical Leave or Absence, Withdrawal from College

I:08:00 Student Eligibility for an Academic Minor

I:09:00 Auditing Laboratory or Studio Classes

I:10:00 Credit/Contact Hour Relationship

I:11:00 Degree Audit System

I:12:00 Role of Computing in Academic Departments

I:13:00 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

I:13:01 Religious Observance

I:13:02 Political Campaign Activities by State Employees

I:14:00 University Policy on Fees, Charges, and Deposits

I:15:00 Academic Freedom

I:16:00 Course Procedures and Grading Policies

I:16:01 Critique and Evaluation Period (CEP)

I:16:02 Evaluation of Students

I:16:03 Policy on Grading

I:16:04 Grading (Internal Controls)

I:16:05 Final Grades

I:16:06 Dean’s Honor List

I:16:07 Change of Grade Policy

I:16:08 Repeating Courses

I:16:09 Academic Clemency

I:17:00 Academic Probation and Dismissal from College

I:17:01 Academic Appeals

I:17:02 Academic Grievances

I:17:03 Academic Misconduct

I:18:00 Course Load Policy for Students

I:19:00 Other Academic Policies